About Us

Family owned furniture business located in the heart of Burlington, Maine.

We are a family business that focuses on building fine upholstery furniture. Ashley Cunningham began his upholstery service in the fall of 1974, in East Brookfield, Mass. Within a few years, he was designing and custom manufacturing reproduction wing chairs and Chippendale sofas, along with other traditional types of upholstered furniture. In 1987, the business was moved to Maine. After several moves, it is now located outside the small village of Burlington, about an hour’s drive north of Bangor. Here he lives and works with his wife, Karen, in their country shop overlooking their orchard and garden. We also have talented, dedicated, and skilled workers who take pride in helping us in making our quality furniture. The business is both retail and wholesale, with most of the business coming from the New England area, but also servicing customers all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe. With 42 years of upholstery experience, Ashley enjoys working with each client to make their ideas and dreams a reality while creating comfortable, fine furniture for their unique living space.
Ashley Cunningham and his wife Karen Cunningham.